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Deb is the best yoga teacher around!  She is a complete pro, always organized and she teaches an amazing array of yoga techniques and mixes in other disciplines such as Pilates and Feldenkrais.  With her background in dance, you even get a few plies thrown in once in a while.  She gives gentle, non-judgmental suggestions for taking your practice and poses to the next level.  I always leave class feeling uplifted, calm, virtuous and happy!

Mary Fisher, Yoga

Deborah weaves yoga with humor, Feldenkrais techniques, grace and sunshine. You'll find yourself smiling in her classes as you leave behind work, stress and worry. Deborah's classes are unlike any other yoga classes I've taken because they're so far from any exercise "routine." Your mind will unwind while your body finds new ways to move.

Liz Fikejs, Yoga

Unwind Your Spine … Slight movement with a profound impact!

       ~ Ten years before taking this class I walked off a ledge in a cave; straight down, flat on my back. Although I was fine, if a bit dazed, my SI joints locked up. Those are the little joints in the sacrum that also account for those two little dimples.

During Unwind Your Spine, a minor, repeated over time, movement had them release - after a decade!

Unwind Your Spine requires deliberate movement which requires a different mindset than that of Yoga; and can take a bit of patience for those of us used to Pilates or high energy dance based classes. Deborah's training in an array of professional movement styles makes her delivery clear and individualized. Is it worth it?  Absolutely!

       ~ Here, the consciousness starts to notice the subtle movements in our bodies as our awareness attunes to the gentle releasing of what got bound up. That relaxation also happens in the process is the bonus.

       ~ I highly recommend this class by Deborah for anyone who just wants to unwind a bit, both physically and metaphorically.

Night An'Fey, Unwind Your Spine

With the gym closed I really missed Deborah's Pilates classes, so I reached out to her and asked her if she'd be willing to offer a class during this COVID lockdown period. Hallelujah!  She said "Yes" and her Core Balance class was created. It's a VERY satisfying Pilates-based class integrating elements of yoga and barre. With Deborah's dance background she leads us with descriptions of movements that are fluid and often wonderfully visual. I've taken numerous dance and exercise classes over a couple of decades, and what I especially appreciate is her awareness of proper form, breath, and positioning as well as the limitations that individuals may have. As she talks us through a movement, keeping an eye out on how we're all moving, she might gently remind us to keep our shoulders down or offer modifications to adapt to restrictions or limitations that she notices.  Deborah has such a positive energy, I highly recommend any class with her!

Brenda Fong, Core Balance

I’ve enjoyed Zumba with Deborah on and off over the years as I’ve travelled much for work (and still do). I’m mid-50’s and I’m hot and sweating after Zumba and also feel energized and happy…yes, happy! There couldn’t be a more fun way to exercise, clear the mind and feel stronger and I’ve tried a variety of classes to reach this “high”. Deborah is fun, full of enthusiasm and I definitely recommend this class or any other class offered by her.

Annie Adams, Zumba M.M.S.


Deborah is a wonderful and energetic instructor with a wonderful sense of humor that makes taking the Zoomba4PD classes truly enjoyable. 
The class allows you to move at your own pace. Deborah is aware that not everyone in the class is at the same level of mobility and has tailored the class to take these physical limitations into consideration.  The
Zoomba4PD class increases blood circulation and gets you moving. I highly recommend it to anyone.

Alison & Troy D. Dershem

Deborah is an engaged, energetic instructor who provides a high energy workout. The dance moves can be done seated or standing - so don’t miss a session even if your Parkinson’s symptoms are more problematic that day. Exercise has been shown to slow the progression of Parkinson’s and this class has great music choices, fun dance moves and the time passes quickly.  Join us!

Nina & Bill Meierding

ZOOMBA4PD is fun and a good way to get some cardio! Deborah combines lively music with dance movements appropriate for those of us living with Parkinson’s Disease (PD). We are surprised that an online exercise class works so well, but we find ourselves having a great time and by the end of the session we are physically tired and mentally invigorated. A bonus: we have met new people, and made new friends. Deborah is an enthusiastic and talented teacher. She welcomes everyone, has a great way of making us comfortable, and encourages us to keep on moving any way we can. Join the fun!

Richard and Noel Saunders

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