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2023 Dates to be announced. Please email if interested. Dance on!

Come join me for a free Zumba Gold® More My Speed JAM! First time joining us? Don't sweat it, just sweat (or glow) and fire up your groove-thing! Class is about 45 minutes. 

Great Music 

Variety of Dances 

Not too fast & not too slow. Upbeat & moderately vigorous!

No turns, no jumps ... thinking healthy knees and backs!

Lots of Laughs ... Break a Good Sweat ... Solid Workout!

Total dance time: around 45 mins (with water breaks)

Fun note:  Last week we danced 3,531 steps. That's 1.7 miles. YES!

It's just hand clapping, feet stomping of a good time! Spread the word - invite your family and friends and LET'S DANCE!


Next Series to be announced in 2023

Do you have Monkey Mind? Thoughts racing, to-do’s always pressing to the forefront, emotions over-riding all else, tension building to anxiety? And in this chaos, you ask: Where am I? In this brief series, you will experience the beauty and power of breath and guided visualizations to come to a healthier, happier and quieter state. And, this beauty and power resides within you.

What to have for class:

A quiet place to sit comfortably

4 KEYS:  Be curious. Cultivate quietness. No judgement. Be open to feelings.

Fee ~ Sliding Scale:  $45 - $60

Statue of Buddha

Upcoming Events

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