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Zoomba 4 PD
Yoga 4 PD (1~on~1)

Breath, Balance & a Better Day

Life is a balancing act that moves along a continuum of energy and recuperation.

Zoomba 4 PD … Yoga 4 PD (One~on~One)


Energy spurs us onward. Quiet time brings us home. Together they balance out our lives. How do we get there and how do we cultivate these two qualities? Let’s start with energy that boosts our cardio-vascular system, strengthens our lungs and puts us in a right jolly mood.


ZOOMBA 4 PD (aka Zumba®) … Why Zoomba?

Zoomba is a full body dance workout that:

  • Builds overall muscular endurance

  • Strengthens the heart allowing it to work more efficiently and, thus supply more oxygen to the brain

  • Strengthens the lungs

  • Helps lower blood pressure

  • Is low impact but still weight-bearing, so good for the bones 


When you commit to bringing heart healthy-heart pumping activities into your weekly routine, you’ll notice the positive, immediate feel good feedback as well as the long-term effects. When you create consistency in your lifestyle practices, the benefits you reap multiply.


The benefits of Zoomba continue. Zoomba 4 PD:

  • Incorporates stretching and strengthening of the muscles

  • Opens up the body, improving posture

  • May help with balance

  • Enhances focus, concentration and alertness

  • Boosts our positive hormones

  • Brings variety to your workout with an awesome music playlist.

  • Leaves you feeling energized, emotionally balanced and happy!


For schedule of class times, see “Classes”. Note there is a sliding scale fee for class. Choose what works for you. Also, you may qualify for financial support through the American Parkinson’s Disease Association for exercise assistance. Visit:



Yoga 4 PD One~on~One

ON THE ROAD TO Recuperation and Re-Education

Yoga 4 PD One~on~One is your “me time”, your quiet time to tune into yourself with a gentle awareness. One~on~One means class is completely designed to meet your needs and your goals.

Pull up your chair and/or lay out your yoga mat and discover the calming and re-organizing power of Yoga.


Did you pause at “re-organizing”? Studies have long shown that yoga quiets the mind and calms the nervous system, a rejuvenating re-boot for our overall health. Yoga also gives us the opportunity to re-wire the brain, to re-educate the mind/body connection. Thus, re-organizing body to brain and brain to body.


The benefits of yoga are numerous. When you commit to yoga, to having a regular, consistent practice you’ll notice the positive, long-term effects. Yoga is a gift to yourself that continually gives back.


The top bennies of a consistent yoga practice:

  • Heightened awareness of one’s physical sensations

  • Better efficiency and functioning in our movements to perform daily routines

  • Improved posture

  • Enriched Quality of Life

  • Building harmony within to without: flexibility, strength and coordination


Yoga, by nature, is therapeutic. And the beauty of it is that it can turn yours and anyone else’s life around for the better. You bring to Yoga your whole being along with your unique needs and goals. Together, we will address those needs, desires and goals to create an enriching and meaningful practice for you.


The list of bennies from a consistent yoga practice continued:

  • Increases the ability to relax

  • Can lessen or alleviate tremors

  • Reduces muscle tension and pain

  • Diminishes rigidity

  • Helps improve balance

  • Can improve sleep

  • Helps improves motor control

  • Enhances focus, concentration and alertness

  • Provides tools for better posture

  • Creates fuller, easier breathing

  • Calms the mind

  • Creates joy and a peaceful spirit


In Yoga 4 PD we move into the essence of yoga poses with the use of supports to safely enrich your experience. For example, we may use: a chair (seated & standing), walls, blankets, and/or straps. The use of imagery and visualization are at the core of how I create all my classes. Class is also a two-way street, dialogue is important. You can always ask questions or share your thoughts as we move through class. This is your time of discovery.


When do we meet?  There are a few ways in which we can design our time together. Like many therapies yoga takes time, patience, trust and consistency.  Let us talk to find out what best suits your needs and build from there.


Class fees vary depending on what plan you choose. Also, you may qualify for financial support through the American Parkinson’s Disease Association for exercise assistance. Visit:

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