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Classes (all via Zoom) - 2023 Dates

Zoomba4PD - Via Zoom

Zoomba4PD is cross-training for the body and mind that puts the accent on FUN. A dance cardio class with awesome music, fun dance grooves and is accessible to all levels, no matter your mobility. All the core components of a cardio workout are right here: muscle conditioning, balance and flexibility, boosted energy and a serious dose of awesomeness!


Zoomba4PD is for people living with Parkinson’s. However if you are experiencing Arthritis, MS, or any other condition that impacts your balance, coordination and energy levels, this class may be for you. No experience needed. Consult your doctor as needed.

Class Structure:

Each class begins with a seated dance warm-up with the option then to remain seated or come to standing. Always dance at your own pace. We’ll return to sitting for our cool down.


What to wear:

Comfortable, easy to move in clothing.

Your space: Even if your space is tight, you can creatively move and dance in your self-place.


What do you need to bring:  Water!

MONDAY:  1:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m. (PST)

6-Weeks $65 (Fee includes You and your Spouse/Care Partner) or…

Fixed Income/Financial Hardship ($30-$64)

  • Jan. - Feb.

  • March - April 

  • April - May

  • May - June

  • June - July 

  • Sept - Oct 

  • Nov - Dec

  • EMAIL for dates 

*last session closes out the year.

Core Balance - Via Zoom

Isolate & Coordinate … Body Parts to Body Whole

An integrated Pilates-based and Barre® core fitness class to create balance of strength/flexibility, mobility/stability and coordination.  Core targets: breath…abdominals…back…glutes and legs. Bonus 15-minute restorative cool-down.  We’ll move in a safe, thoughtful manner at a moderate pace.  No props needed.

What to wear: Comfortable clothing.

Your space: Yoga mat not needed. Find an open space in which you can lay, sit and stand that is safe.

WEDNESDAY:  2:30 p.m. - 3:45 p.m. (PST)

5-Weeks $125 … Live class & Weekly Recording (additional $5) = $130/Series or Fixed Income/Financial Hardship ($60-$124)

  • Jan. Feb. 

  • March - April  

  • April - May 

  • May - June 

  • June - July  

  • Sept - Oct 

  • Nov - Dec 

  • EMAIL for dates 

Zumba Gold® M.M.S. - Via Zoom

Zumba Gold, not just for active older adults, but for anyone who wants to turn down the dial a notch on speed/intensity but keep all the fun. Move to the various grooves of Salsa, Mambo, Disco, Rock-n-Roll, Motown, Cumbia and more. You will work yourself from head to toe; break a good sweat; laugh; gain strength and be energized for the rest of your day … watch out!

What to wear: Comfortable, easy to move in clothing and sneakers

Your space: Even if your space is tight, you can creatively move and dance in your self-place.

  • Have a chair handy if you need a break. You can continue to dance in your chair. Keep moving at your own pace!

What do you need to bring:  Water!

MONDAY JAMS:  4:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. (PST)

Occasional: … Live class with Monthly recording $15-$20 (pay what you can). Just the recording for the month $10.

  • 2022 On!

  • 2023 random jam session!

  • EMAIL for jam dates!

Radiant Health Yoga - Via Zoom

RHY®, rich in imagery and nurturing of spirit, is grounded in a physical practice that promotes a personal psycho-spiritual development by focusing the mind deeply within the body, sensing the flow of breath, and noticing kinesthetic sensations and thought processes evoked not only by the postures but also how you move through transitions. Like life, itself, it’s not always that you got there but rather, the pathways you took to arrive.


Radiant Health Yoga® is a “non-denominational” style of Hatha Yoga which honors all spiritual wisdom traditions. I may include poetry and inspiring spiritual quotes from ancient yoga tradition as well as from Celtic, Native American, African, Sufi, Buddhist, Christian or other of the World’s great spiritual traditions.

What to wear: Comfortable clothing. Socks may be slippery; best not to be distracted by the potential of sliding.

Your space: Yoga mat not needed. Find an open space in which you can lay, sit and stand that is safe.

  • Blanket - helpful if sitting on the floor is challenging. Can be placed under your sits bones or rolled up and placed under your knees, if your legs are extended. Also, helpful for when you’re on all fours.

  • Blocks (or a thick book) can be your partner in yoga. It gives you an extra lift, allowing you to worry less about balancing or finding the floor.

  • This is not a chair yoga class; however, please use one at any time in order to remain moving while seated or for standing balances and safety.

One-on-One or Small Groups (2-4)

Saturdays 11 a.m.-12:15 p.m. (PST).


5-Weeks $125 … Live class & Weekly Recording (additional $5) = $130/Series or Fixed Income/Financial Hardship ($60-$124)

  • Jan - Feb

  • March - April

  • April - May

  • May - June 

  • June - July

  • Sept. - Oct

  • Nov. - Dec

  • EMAIL for dates

Unwind Your Spine - Via Zoom

Your time to let go of everything you’re holding on to and embrace the opportunity to bring your-self back to You. Unwind your spine and your mind, quietly, through this restorative practice of small, slow movements. Influences that have helped shape this class over the years include Yoga, the Feldenkrais Method, Restorative Yoga, and Bartenieff Fundamentals.

What to wear: Comfortable and warm clothing. No shoes.

  • No matter the weather, during this class, your body temperature will lower; your breathing and heart rate will slow down. Have layers and socks. Always better not to be distracted by feeling cold.

Your space: On the floor, on a yoga mat, on a rug - wherever it is comfortable for you to lie and/or sit. Feel free to be in a chair and modify as needed. There is no right or wrong way to move in this class. It’s all about how your body explores and discovers its most efficient and effortless pathways.

Currently on hold.

5-Week $85 ... Live class & Weekly Recording (additional $10) = $95/Series or Fixed Financial Income/Hardship $50

  • Classes On 2022

  • Suspended 2023

  • See YouTube: Moving for Better health "Your Moment to Decompress

One-On-One - Via Zoom

Want to learn more about something new before you sign up for a series; prefer the one-on-one experience in general; or, would like personal tune-up time and have specific feedback?

  • Private Sessions (includes weekly class recording):

  • Yoga

  • Core Balance

  • Yoga Conditioning (yoga & core balance merge)


Single session $75 (includes initial consultation)

Two Sessions (1-2 weeks apart) $130

WEEKLY on-going Private:

1 hour $55 … 1.25 hours $65

To set your schedule, contact Deborah:

Info To Know

  • REGISTER for 2 Classes & Save $15 off your total … Register for 3 Classes & Save $25 off your total

  • Miss a class, no worries, you will receive that day’s recording (free) as your make-up class.

  • Drop In Rate: Core Balance $23, Zumba Gold $18, Yoga/Unwind Your Spine $20

  • Further Option: Register for Recording of Classes only (Save 30% off full class price)

  • All classes (currently) via Zoom.  The day prior to class you’ll receive the Zoom Link*

  • *You’ll need a personal Zoom account. Here’s the link if you need to register for one.

Any thoughts, questions or concerns please reach out to me at:

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